Double Nature Bowl

Double the fun of our popular Nature Bowl! Perfect for Sand, Water, Dirt, Terrariums, and displaying natural “found” objects. Available with Lid. Drain hole & plug included.


Extra “table” room around bowls for activities and supplies. (2) 24″ diameter Bowls and optional Lids. 33″ x 64″. Bowl Rim Heights (not including pumps or lids) are either 20″H or 24″H. Double and Triple Nature Bowls are also available with Water Pump, Stand & Reservoir to recirculate water from the reservoir up to the bowls. Add up to 2 Pump/Stand/Reservoir combos on the Double Nature Bowls. Available in Preschool (20×48) Ages: 2 – 5 Accommodates: 4-8 Weight: 117 Available Inground Mount

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Weight 117 lbs


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